About Us
Ignite Your Passion, Spark Your Inspiration and Thrive
We, at Women’s Leadership LIVE, have worked and partnered with some of the largest and most well-known consumer product companies to bring innovative brands and spokeswomen to LIVE TV Shopping Channels in 20 countries using: TV, radio, print and social media.

Now’s your turn…
Women's Leadership LIVE (WLL) is a leadership experience where we like to think DIFFERENTLY and help others grow. WLL looks forward to sharing ways to help you communicate, connect and boost your level of confidence and influence with other like-minded beauties. We empower you and your dreams so that you can develop your own legacy. Queen Beauty South is here to ignite your passion and give you career-building opportunities. It’s your time to shine and we hope to inspire and support you along your journey. The Queen Beauty title is an outlet to today’s young women just like you…bringing you a DIFFERENT beauty competition experience while vying for the title and tens of thousands of dollars in cash, prizes and contracts!
Women’s Leadership LIVE, LLC is operated by co-founders Debbie Saviano, Stacey and David Schieffelin along with their strong WLL production team. These successful business leaders have been pageant supporters and sponsors for years maintaining residence in Texas, Florida and New York City. They look forward to supporting you as your own personal brand flourishes. The Queen Beauty South team is dedicated to bringing value to you along with exciting prize packages, VIP experiences and devoted sponsors to all titleholders! They consider their team a community that lifts and launches others toward their own personal success.
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